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It Wasn't Murder by Kiernon James an Original Comedy Mystery Play

June 21-30, 2024
Plymouth Playhouse

Plymouth, MN

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Finding J Mitchell - A comedy mystery play by Kiernon James

Finding J Mitchell

A Comedy Mystery

Can a private detective find a cunning burglar after her cover is blown?

It wasn't Murder? A Funny mystery play by Kiernon James. An original and unique murder mystery play with a unique twist. A funny brain bender play that will challenge your wits. Image features a journal, flashlight and binoculars.

It Wasn’t Murder?

A Comedy Mystery

Can a little neighborhood gossip help a murder investigation?

Reviewed to Death

A Comedy Mystery Dinner

What happens when murder and mayhem are invited to a gala dinner?

What If Cover Art - Dart Board, cuckoo clock and a pair of skis

What If

A Mystery Thriller

What if friends suggest a murder game while trapped in a blizzard?

Kiernon James Playwrite


Kiernon James is a mystery playwright specializing in entertaining stories that keep audiences guessing until the very end.  Having studied film and stage, he brings a unique blend to his writing where things happen in front of the audience – often without them noticing until after the fact.  His passion is developing new works with a focus on telling the story both verbally and visually to entertain audiences of all ages.


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