It wasn't Murder? A Funny mystery play by Kiernon James. An original and unique murder mystery play with a unique twist. A funny brain bender play that will challenge your wits. Image features a journal, flashlight and binoculars.

It Wasn’t Murder?

A comedy mystery play
Kiernon James

6 F, 4 M (ages 20s-60s)

Two Acts | ~2 hours

A nosey neighbor pops in for a visit after assuming a policeman’s arrival is for a murder investigation. The family scoffs at her saying the wealthy aunt died of natural causes. But when questionable details emerge, a niece begins searching for the truth and quickly discovers what effect a little gossip has on an investigation.

This comical homage to Agatha Christie is filled with laughs and twists that will keep the audience guessing. And some returning for a repeat performance to see what they missed the first time around.